Tegridy Ltd is a small home studio set up by gamers fed up with buying games only to find out they still need to spend more money to get access to everything the game has to offer. We have a vision of creating immersive and sustainable games that don’t rely on mechanics designed to bleed the player dry or induce stress related rage. The only thing we want to induce rage in our games are the bugs.

The Tegridy promise is very important to us and is something we plan to uphold with all our future titles with only additions being made and nothing being removed. Do you remember a time when you bought a game and that was it? With your help we are going to bring those times back.

We have just released our first title Dark Dealings, an Epic 3D Open World Adventure released 5th of November 2020. Throughout this adventure you will meet many wacky characters, Trade and Experiment with mind altering & illicit substances(sadly most of the R&D costs can not be recuperated),travel across a vast and colourful world in a variety of vehicles, and experience making it the hard way on the streets.

We have many more features planned for Dark Dealings so check out the Steam Forum and let us know what you’d like to see next in the world.

A face only a mother could love

Tegridy Ltd is based in the North of England and was founded by Developer & CEO Darren Braviner in February 2020 Our first title started as a little fun and a enjoyable hobby and slowly expanded into the project it is today and hopefully with your support it will keep on growing along with Tegridy Ltd.

One Game – One Price