Due to a large number of promo keys showing up on sites selling keys we have decided to ban all current promo codes that were handed out apart from a small minority. Maybe we’re a little too naive in the trust we gave to people claiming to be streamers or expecting that people entering competitions actually wanted to keep the prize.
Sadly we are making the tough decision to require any “Streamers” who would like a promo key to share an interest with their communities first on their platform and then get in touch with us.
If you feel your key was wrongly banned please contact support and we will review your case on its merits and if you were given a key personally I do apologise if you are caught up in this.

We will not allow promo keys to be sold or traded as that is not their intended purpose if you are interested in distributing our game please get in touch first.

Banned Promo Keys 09/11/2020

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