Pondwars Announcement.

While we wait on funding for our current title Dark Dealings we have decided it is time to announce our next game that we hope will come to early access in winter 2022, Dark Dealings will be going back into

Dark Dealings v0.52 Update 12/11/2020

In this update we see the introduction of our property controller allowing players to buy, sell and customise a number of properties found throughout the world of Dark Dealings Now your world actions will have an effect on any properties

Banned Promo Keys 09/11/2020

Due to a large number of promo keys showing up on sites selling keys we have decided to ban all current promo codes that were handed out apart from a small minority. Maybe we’re a little too naive in the

Dark Dealing Road Map 08/11/2020

We are pleased to announce the release of our roadmap for the features that will be in development on Dark Dealings over the coming weeks and months, We should also be seeing a property update in the game this week

Dark Dealings v0.51 Update 07/11/2020

Minor update to address some issues with traffic grouping up around the Graveyard and not being able to get up parts of the pavement in the same area that were kindly brought forward through community feedback. Fixed Issues with traffic

Dark Dealings Launch

Everyone was locked indoors this November 5th, revolution blowing alone on the wind with no one to feel it’s joy or hear it’s songs. In the end, we decided on a quiet launch. Hopefully, we can keep up with any

Dark Dealings v0.5 Update 04/11/2020

In this update, we see a few small changes to the world along with some minor bug fixes listed below in preparation for our soft launch on the 5th Bug Fixes Fixed issue with water vanishing because of reflections not

Dark Dealings v0.49 Update 02/11/2020

In this update, we see several minor bug fixes along with some audio improvements massively reducing DSP load. We have also fixed a bug with some quest audio playing at the wrong stages.

Dark Dealings v0.48 Halloween Update 29/10/2020

As winter starts to set in, it was only right to give players access to nice cosy homes to bunker down in, there are now several properties spread throughout the world that you can purchase with your ill-gotten gains in