Dark Dealings v0.59 06/03/2021

Linux Support now live.Support for Wav files added to the audio importer.Posters for the “Adult Clubs” can now be customised via the modConfig/Creator menu’s with much more to come in the future.Added UI message for vehicle recovery.And Linux support!

Dark Dealings v0.58 28/02/2021

In this update we changed the game so it now quits back to the main menu first to allow the player to start a new game without leaving.Added a recovery feature to the vehicles in case the player gets stuck.Added

Dark Dealings Update v0.57 28/01/2021

A small update to bring a few new characters to the game along with a few minor UI bug fixes while we work on the games multiplayer components which are nearing completion.

Dark Dealings Update v0.56 24/12/2020

Small update to hopefully address some visual glitches with the new Commodities system along with a number of new settings that can be tweaked in the options screen. We also added some graphs to help keep track of stock pricing.

Dark Dealings Update v0.55 03/12/2020

In this update we see a number of performance improvements, as well as an expansion of the desktop system that came to the game in update v0.54 bringing an easy solution for managing properties and also a small desktop game