Every game released at Tegridy comes with a promise

  • No Micro Transaction – No games developed at Tegridy Ltd will ever contain any form of micro-transactions, once you have paid for your game that is it, our game will never ask you for money to enjoy content again.
  • No Subscriptions – We will never add subscriptions to a game that you have paid for, never. Once you have bought a Tegridy Game you are free to enjoy it as much as you wish.
  • No Exclusives – We will never be limiting the platforms our games can be played on, and will eventually be releasing our titles on most platforms that will take us.
  • No DLC that should be base game – We will be updating and maintaining our games this will not cost players who have already bought our game anything extra unless it is some massive dramatic change/spinoff
  • Private Servers – All our games that have a multiplayer feature will also give you the ability to host your own server so you can play and enjoy the game however you like at no extra cost.

One Game – One Price

The Tegridy Way