Tegridy Promise

Tegridy Ltd is a small home studio set up by gamers fed up with buying games only to find out they still need to spend more money to get access to everything the game has to offer. We have a vision of creating immersive and sustainable games that don’t rely on mechanics designed to bleed the player dry or induce stress related rage.

The only thing we want to induce rage in our games are the bugs, that we will happily fix.

The Tegridy promise is very important to us and is something we plan to uphold with all our future titles with only additions being made and nothing being removed. Do you remember a time when you bought a game and that was it? With your help we are going to bring those times back.

We are passionate about all areas of computing have have a long running addiction with the devices, we are living in scary times for the consumer, do we just want to lease our devices and software or do we want to own the things we purchase?

Open source is also a movement that is close to my heart, brought up with computers in the early eighties sharing information was pivotol to each others development and this is something we hope to start taking more of a part in over the comning years adding more small systems to our repositories on GitHub that will act as learning resources and building blocks for your own games!

  • No Micro Transaction – No games developed at Tegridy Ltd will ever contain any form of micro-transactions, once you have paid for your game that is it, our games will never ask you for money to enjoy content after your intial purchase.

  • No Subscriptions – We will never add subscriptions to a game that you have paid for, never. Once you have bought a Tegridy Game you are free to enjoy it as much as you wish.

  • No Exclusives – We will never be limiting the platforms our games can be played on, and will eventually be releasing our titles on most platforms that will take us.

  • No DLC that should be base game – We will be updating and maintaining our games this will not cost players who have already bought our game anything extra unless it is some massive dramatic change/spinoff

  • Private Servers – All our games that have a multiplayer feature will also give you the ability to host your own server so you can play and enjoy the game however you like at no extra cost.